ideas KITAB – e-books Young Authors Contest

Words have been a powerful tool to empower young minds. Words through books can create an ecosystem to nurture future world leaders and policymakers. Ideas Nepal through ideas KITAB brings the ‘e-books Young Authors Contest’ to give space and nurture individuals to publish their books with us and take a step forward to their journey of being world leaders. 

The idea is to provide space for young promising writers to develop their thoughts and expressions to share with the world in the form of e-books. 

Phase I-

  1. Call for the Contest to be released on 5th January 2022. 
  2. The deadline for submission will be 5th March 2022. 
  3. A pool of 15 manuscripts/ ideas will be selected out of all submissions for the second phase. 

Phase II-

  1. An online zoom consultation will be done with each of the fifteen young authors to assess their idea and guide them for the final submission. 
  2. Out of the fifteen, the top three ideas will be given the opportunity to sign the book e-publication deal with ideas KITAB. 

Requirements / Eligibility 

  1. The author should not be more than 35 years old. They can be from any country or region of the world. 
  2. The authors can propose book ideas in various genres like fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, drama, poetry, and so on. The language for the contest would be English. 
  3. The authors would need to submit a chapter/idea manuscript of 4000 words for evaluation. 
  4. The authors would also need to submit a 2 page CV along with the manuscript submission. 
  5. The submissions have to be made through this online form

Please note that the decision of the selection committee is final. For any queries and clarifications, please write to us at [email protected].